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Five Myths About Clip-In Hair Extensions

by Colleen Sanders

Hair extensions are a great way to boost volume, increase length, and fill in gaps in your hair, however, many people are wearisome about hair extensions, especially clip-ins because of the myths that surround them. Here are five myths that you need to be reassured about to see why clip-ins are actually going to be a great option for styling your hair:

  1. They are Obvious: One of the most common myths is that once they are in, everyone will notice. This is not true, though. The only people who will notice are the people who are close to you, but only because they will notice that all of the sudden your hair looks full and healthy. Other than that, a professional stylist will ensure that the clips are completely hidden and a perfect match for your hair so that they are not noticeable whatsoever. 
  2. They Prevent Growth: Another common myth, which is scary for those considering extensions because a bad haircut is that the extensions will prevent hair growth. This is not true at all. If you had a bad cut or you had to cut your hair for the simple reason that you had gum stuck in your hair or whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that your hair will grow back out while you have extensions in. Extensions will be a temporary need to make you feel like yourself until your natural hair comes back in. 
  3. They are Uncomfortable: Clip in extensions that are placed by a professional stylist will not be uncomfortable at all. In fact, there will be moments when you forget that they are there. The reason is that your stylist will ensure that, if you have thin hair, the extensions are thinner and lighter, as well. These are made to be less bulky for those not used to having weight on their head. 
  4. They Aren't Necessary Because You Don't Want Longer Hair: If your stylist has suggested hair extensions for you, you may be wondering why if you don't want longer hair, but instead fuller hair. The reason is simple, which is that extensions do more than increase length. In fact, they don't have to increase the length at all. Instead, your stylist will insert them in areas to make your hair appear fuller without adding any length at all, but clipping them to be the same length. 

With the information you need about the truth behind these myths, you can definitely feel more comfortable using them to improve the style of your hair.