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Items To Consider Before You Buy A Hot Tub

by Colleen Sanders

Buying and installing a hot tub at your home is a decision that requires more than just choosing the hot tub of your choice. Here are some tips to help you make sure you are prepared to select and install a new hot tub at your home.

Prepare a Site

Choose a location for your hot tub in your yard, on your deck, or inside your home, making sure it will fit through any openings to get to its final location. If you want to install the hot tub outside, you will need to make the area is flat and paved with a concrete slab. The paved concrete area needs to be at least the area of the hot tub's base. It is not recommended to use pavers, bricks, or gravel as a foundation for the hot tub.

Make sure there is a walkway made of pavers, concrete, or similar material. This will help you easily access your outdoor hot tub, especially during muddy or frozen weather.

If you are building your hot tub into a deck or into the ground, make sure you have a way to access the electrical interior wiring to the hot tub in the event you need to have service work performed on it. This will require an in-ground access hatch to be installed on an in-ground hot tub or a crawlspace around a hot tub installed inside a deck.

Ensure Electrical and Water is Available

The site you want to install your hot tub will also need to have access to an exterior electrical outlet. The outlet needs to have a dedicated three-prong outlet with a grounding prong insert and should match the amps your hot tub requires. Check with your hot tub dealer to find out what electrical is required. If your hot tub's site does not have a close-proximity electrical outlet, you can hire a professional electrician to install one.

It is also a good idea to have a nearby faucet to fill your hot tub. And be prepared to drain and refill your hot tub several times through the year as it is needed, so make sure the site can accommodate this.

Choose the Style

Now comes the easy part: choosing the style and size of your hot tub. Think about how many people you will need to seat in your hot tub and choose one of appropriate size. Be open to the idea of a larger hot tub, as you will likely want to invite friends over often. Also, consider if any smaller children will be using the hot tub so you can select one with seating of varying heights. 

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