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Haircuts, Trims, And Other Ways To Keep Your Tresses Healthy

by Colleen Sanders

Men's haircuts and women's haircut services are more than just ways to get a new style. Even though a haircut can provide a shape or look that transforms your face, it can also help to keep your hair healthy. Beyond the cut itself, your stylist can also help to keep your tresses in top shape with a few other tips and tricks.

Whether it's the winter dry air, heat styling, constant coloring, or something else that's causing damage, take a look at the ways both men and women can add bounce, shine, health, and life back to their hair.

Haircut Timing

How often do you need to cut your hair? When it comes to the style, that's up to you. But when it comes to healthy tresses, timing is everything. If you wait until you see split ends or your hair starts to look dull, lifeless or fried, it's been too long in between cuts.

Short, fine, or damaged hair typically requires regular haircuts more often than long, thick, or curly hair. While you don't need to visit the stylist every week, once a month is advisable to keep your hair in top health. If you do have longer hair, or long layers, you may be able to get by with cuts every 12 weeks — that is, if you have virgin (uncolored or non-chemically treated) or damage-free hair.

Haircut Type

There are more than a few different types of women's and men's haircuts. While it's tempting to chop off all your hair, that's not always necessary. You don't have to sacrifice style for health. At least, not all the time.

Keeping up with your regular trims may mean that you never need to cut off several inches at a time. That is, unless you want to. But if you've waited too long in-between trims or you have chemically damaged hair, the type of haircut you get may depend more on health than looks. It's possible, depending on the extent of the damage, that your stylist will recommend cutting several inches off the length to restore hair health.

Haircuts Plus

Haircuts aren't the only part of the healthy hair equation. Your stylist may suggest professional-strength conditioning treatments that give your tresses shine or add much-needed moisture. Like haircuts, conditioning and other salon treatments are available for both men and women.

In combination with regular home care, trims, cuts, and conditioning can keep your hair looking and feeling its absolute best. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Detour Salon & Detour The Store.