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Choose The Right Equipment For Your Salon

by Colleen Sanders

The equipment is a cornerstone in the success of your business. Great equipment ensures your stylists are functional, makes sure your salon looks nice and keeps your customers happy. Without each of these three elements, a salon has less of a chance of success. Given the importance of great equipment, you should not buy equipment without some level of research. To keep you on track with the intended goals, learn about some of the factors that matter most when buying equipment.


For any commercial establishment, cost control is essential when it comes to buying and maintaining equipment. The salon industry is no exception to this idea. Before everything else, make sure the equipment you plan to purchase has a reputation for being durable. Poorly constructed materials likely won't last long, which will cause you to buy new equipment in a relatively short time. 

The more durable the equipment, the longer it will last. For example, you probably want to avoid a salon chair made from plastic parts, and opt for an option made from steel. With regular use, the plastic chair will likely fail, whereas the steel chair would remain intact. Try to buy from specialty retailers like Top Salon Furniture instead of generic equipment wholesalers so you know the company knows what they are doing.


Assembly is ordinary in salon equipment, especially when you have items shipped. Salon equipment is heavy and bulky, so to help keep shipping cost more accommodating for salon owners, manufacturers ship out the equipment dismantled. In many instances, this fact is not a problem. 

However, there are sometimes when the assembly process is far more complicated than is necessary, or more than the salon owner has the time for. The more involved the assembly, the higher the risk for error and the more time it takes to get the equipment out on the floor and in use. Do some research beforehand before blindingly buying an option. 


If you're fortunate, you have a large salon space with endless possibilities. But if you're not, you have a certain amount of space that you need to make the best of. To ensure you're able to accomplish this goal, make sure you choose equipment options that are highly functional. 

For example, although you may have large pedicure stations, you may have some customers that can't access the chair, or you may have busy periods where all your chairs are full. Choose a chair with a removable footrest so that you can accommodate the customer right in the chair to perform their pedicure. The quick change makes the customer comfortable and decreases the likelihood that you don't lose a customer because you're busy. 

Don't buy your equipment in haste, or you may regret your actions later. Have your plan in place and take your time to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for.