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Embarrassing Situations That Arise During Massages, And How To Feel More Relaxed About Them

by Colleen Sanders

Embarrassing personal situations come up every day. It is how you choose to handle them that makes all the difference. For example, if you have never had a massage before, you might be surprised to learn that a lot of embarrassing things can happen while you are having a massage. Most of these things are nothing new the massage therapist or masseuse, but you may still feel really self-conscious about them. Here are some of those embarrassing personal things that can occur while you are receiving a massage, and how you can address them while still on the table. 

Passing Gas

It is a very natural thing for the body to pass gas when it settles into a very relaxed state. Just think about how often you probably pass gas as you settle down to sleep at night, while you are sleeping, and just after sex! When you receive a massage, your body settles into the same or very similar relaxed state, and you may feel the need to release some air from your buttocks.

If that happens, you can do one of three things:

  1. Let it go. Your massage therapist/masseuse is well aware that this happens and most of the time will take it as a compliment that he/she is doing an excellent job at helping you relax!
  2. Clench your buttocks and slowly release the gas. This is something a lot of women have learned how to do, but it does take practice. 
  3. Ask the massage therapist to stop and excuse yourself to go to the restroom. There, safely release the gas where it will not cause any embarrassment to you or the person giving you the massage. 

Any one of these three options works, and your massage therapist/masseuse will not say a single word to you regardless of which option you choose. 


It is a perfectly natural thing to become aroused when another person touches you, even if the other person touching you is not attempting to cause arousal. Women experience this as well, but it is not nearly as visible as it is with men. If you are laying on your stomach when the massage starts, and find that you are getting an erection during the massage, let it happen. If the massage therapist/masseuse asks you to flip over to massage your thighs or chest (which only happens in an hour-long, full-service massage), request a few minutes to rest. He/she will oblige, and the erection will pass. 

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