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Tips For Breast Augmentation Surgery

by Colleen Sanders

A breast augmentation, or "boob job", is a procedure that is at the top of the list of annual cosmetic surgeries. The surgery enhances your bust size through either saline or silicone breast implants. It's a surgery that has a lot of benefits, but one you also need to think long and hard about. Here are some things to consider when you're getting ready for breast enhancement. 

Why a breast augmentation surgery may be for you

A lot of women have gotten their breasts enhanced and couldn't have been happier with their decisions. To make sure you are among these women, be sure you're getting the surgery because you truly want it, and not to fill a void. Breast augmentation is perfect if you want to go up a few sizes and have different outfits that fit you better. It can also be a nice touchup if you have lost a lot of weight or want to defy aging a bit. No matter your reasons, make sure that you think long and hard about them before pursuing breast augmentation surgeons. 

Figure out how big you want to go and get plenty of initial medical consulting

Consult with a doctor to figure out whether silicone or saline breasts are best for you. The doctor will show you models of each and also help you figure out which size you should increase to. 

Getting your breasts done can cost as little as $5,000 and may cost more than $10,000. A quality cosmetic surgeon will help you to explore all of the options, along with their risks and benefits so that you feel comfortable altering your body. 

It's worth it to also get at least a few counseling sessions. This may even be recommended by your breast augmentation surgeon since you're making a noticeable change to your body and need to be sure you're mentally committed and doing it for all the right reasons. Individual counseling appointments can cost you between about $50 and more than $200. 

Prepare for and undergo your breast augmentation surgery and the healing process afterward

Schedule your surgical procedure so that you have plenty of time to get to and from the hospital, and so that you aren't rushed on the day of. Once the surgery is over, you'll need to have transportation home so that you can rest from the pain and swelling. 

In addition to the swelling, your nipples will be very tender and possibly painful to the touch. In order to beat the swelling and get your breasts to normal size, you'll want to ice them down regularly. Lay on your back comfortably with your breasts pointed skyward and apply ice to them both, careful to stay away from your fresh incision. Get off of your feet for a while and allow yourself to rest from the physical trauma of the surgery before resuming regular activities. 

Use these tips when you're thinking about getting breast augmentation surgery.