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Are You An Aspiring Swimwear Influencer? 3 Benefits Of Choosing Water Resistant Eyelash Extensions

by Colleen Sanders

The increased focus on online marketing has created a niche area where you can potentially make money while doing what you love. Building a reputation as a swimwear influencer takes time, and you have to constantly look your best in every social media post. While a bright smile and an air of confidence go a long way towards getting you noticed, you also need to remember that people tend to zero in on your eyes. As you perfect your unique look, consider these three benefits of choosing water-resistant eyelash extensions to get you noticed.

Avoid Wearing Eye Makeup

Those lovely wet poses help to show off your favorite swimsuits, yet nothing detracts more from your beauty than running mascara. Modeling swimwear requires you to really think about which types of makeup you wear, and there might be times when it is impossible to keep even waterproof mascara on. Long eyelash extensions that are made to stay on in water make it possible for you to cast an alluring look at the camera without having to waste time wiping eye makeup off of your face. Since extensions look natural, this also helps you to avoid the mistake of looking overly madeup for the situation.

Make Your Eyes Stand Out in Photos

The eyes still remain one of the first places people look when they see a photo, and you want to draw attention to this part of your face. Extensions can be curled or left alone to accentuate one of your best features. You can also choose the length that you want to frame your eyes just perfectly. As a general rule, longer extensions look best in photos, and making sure that yours are water-resistant helps them to stay in the right place to highlight your eye shape.

Extend the Use of Your Extensions

When you rely upon your beauty treatments to build a career, the last thing you want to do is spend tons of money replacing things that should last for a while. Your goal to become a swimwear influencer means that you likely spend tons of time in swimming areas, showering before a shoot, and washing your face before you reapply makeup. This means that your extensions may undergo more wear and tear than the average person's. Looking for ones that are meant to stand up to a high level of exposure to water means that your investment in your appearance will last for longer.