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Is The Hype Surrounding Oxygen Facials Authentic?

by Colleen Sanders

Currently, it seems that there is a myriad of skincare routines that all promise soft skin, decreased wrinkles, diminished acne, and more. And while it may seem that the more options available the easier it will be to find something that works, the reality is that you could end up spending a substantial amount of money and not get the results that work. So how do you find a sure-fire way to improve your beauty routine? The answer is oxygen facial treatments.

Although this treatment is relatively new, it has grown in popularity so much so that celebrities and average people alike have adopted it as part of their spa days. To help you discern if oxygen facials are merely popular due to the hype surrounding them or if they will be a great investment for you, keep reading to learn what it entails and the range of advantages that it offers.

What is an oxygen facial?

This oxygen treatment involves spraying oxygenated molecules directly into the epidermis of your face. The oxygen employed for this treatment is chock full of minerals, vitamins, botanical extracts, and nutrients that perform various functions to improve the appearance of your skin. Getting this treatment regularly at your spa will not only help with smoothing fine lines but also works to make your skin look plump and supple. Hence, your face not only looks younger but healthier too.

Do oxygen facials offer any health benefits for your skin?                                                                                                    


One of the leading benefits of getting an oxygen facial treatment is the detoxifying properties that it provides to your skin. Numerous elements are toxic to your skin and, in turn, make it age faster than it should. Factors such as poor diet, excessive exposure to UV rays, and pollution in the air will all harm your cells. The oxygen molecules coupled with the vitamins infused in them help detoxify your skin cells, and this enhances their performance.

Skin cell regeneration

All the cells in your body have a short lifespan. So even though they are highly functional when alive, they will need replacing frequently. When your body does not have sufficient skin cells, the rate of skin cell regeneration is jeopardized, and your face starts to appear dull, as your skin has a hard time healing scar tissue. Oxygen facials remedy this problem by providing your skin cells with vitamin C. Resultantly, they regenerate faster. The more cells produced, the better the rate at which your skin heals, and the brighter it will appear.

Further ways that oxygen facial treatments will help you include enhanced collagen production for firmer skin, decreased risk of acne as your pores will not be clogged by dirt, and an even out skin tone by reducing scarring.