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4 Reasons To Visit A Stylist Before Dying Your Hair Darker

by Colleen Sanders

Blondes do not have all the fun, dying your hair brunette or black can feel just as playful. However, your coloring experience is largely dependent on your preparation. If you are thinking about dying your hair darker, the first step on your preparation to-do list should be visiting a professional for this service. Learn why by reading below.

1. Things Can Get Messy

When you dye your hair dark, always remember that you could create an irreversible mess. Whether it is the dark rug in your bathroom or the beautiful white tile in your shower, dark hair dye can get all over and leave stains around your home that you cannot easily remove. A professional stylist knows how to handle the color and understands what measures need to be taken to protect your clothing so that you only walk out of the salon with your hair colored.

2. Brows Need Love Too

The best color applications are those that look natural. An important part of creating a natural look is not overlooking your eyebrows; they need some attention too. For example, if you have very light hair and you are going very dark, you may want to darken your brows as well. Since this process can be dangerous if you are not knowledgeable, always leave it to a professional.

3. Going Dark Can be Difficult

There is often a lot of discussion about how difficult it can be to take hair from a darker shade to a lighter shade, but depending on your natural hair color, going dark can also be a challenge. For example, gray strands can be very resistant and may require a special formula to darken. The same is true if you have ever had a red-based color applied to your hair, as certain dark formulas can cause the hair to turn slightly orange.

4. Natural Looks Require Dimension

Again, the goal is to achieve natural-looking color, and another important part of accomplishing this goal is adding dimension to the color. Take a brunette color application, for example. Adding subtle hints of red or even a lighter shade of brown will give your hair strands more dimension, which will create a more natural look overall and keep the application from looking dull. To ensure the color dimension is consistent and not blotchy, you want to visit a professional.

Contact a hair coloring stylist to learn more about how to prepare your hair and what to expect from your appointment so that you can have the best experience.