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There Are Health Benefits Attached To Regular Haircuts

by Colleen Sanders

When you think about a haircut, style may be the first thing you think of. While a new haircut can improve your style and appearance, there are several other health-promoting benefits you can experience when you make haircuts a priority; learn more about some of them.

Growth Stabilizer

When the ends of your hair strands are damaged, they are more prone to knotting, especially with curly hair textures. The problem is that when you brush your hair, the knots can get caught in the bristles and possibly cause the strand to snap right off. When you cut these damaged ends off, you minimize your hair loss and maintain your growth, which can help you reach your length goals faster.

Damage Minimizer

It does not matter how much effort a person puts into taking care of their hair, sometimes damage is unavoidable. However, when your strands are damaged, particularly your ends, the extent of the damage does not stay the same. Over time, the damage moves up the strand and puts you at risk for even greater damage. Since you cannot always reverse the damage, having the damaged hair removed is a great way to prevent further damage.

Thicker Appearance

Long hair is great, but if it is thin, it does not always look that great. Again, a haircut will remove the split ends that form on the end of your strains. Since these ends are often broken and sparse, they appear much thinner than the rest of your hair, as you can see the reduction in thickness as you travel down the strand. When these split ends are removed, it gives your hair a fuller look. If your hair has begun to thin with age, a haircut is also a great way to make it appear fuller.

Mental Health Booster

Again, you may think about a haircut solely from a cosmetic perspective, but regular haircuts are also a form of self-care. Self-care can make you feel better about yourself and reduce stress. Combined, these factors can help give your mental health a boost. Not only do you feel better after the haircut, but the mere fact of sitting in the chair and having someone take care of you goes a long way in making you feel good.

If you are long overdue for a haircut, it is never too late to take advantage of these benefits. Contact a stylist to book an appointment.

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