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Reasons To Have A French Pedicure

by Colleen Sanders

Visiting a local spa for a pedicure is exciting for a number of reasons. Having someone pamper your feet is always appealing, but being able to browse the spa's list of available pedicure types and choose something that suits you is an enjoyable part of the experience. Most spas feature French pedicures, which are similar to French manicures but are for your toes instead of your hands. During a French pedicure, your spa attendant will paint the tips of each toenail white and put a clear, glossy coat on the entire nail. Here are some reasons to try a French pedicure.

Works With Shoes And Clothing

A lot of people like French pedicures because their appearance matches any type of footwear and outfit you may wear. While choosing a vibrant color for your toenails can be exciting at certain times, you'll have to think about what you wear to ensure that your outfit matches your toes if they're going to be visible. For example, if you get your toenails painted bright red, you might not want to wear shoes or a dress that are blue. You won't have this worry when you opt for a French pedicure, as the combination of white and clear will suit any shoe and outfit colors.

Suitable For Many Environments

While a French pedicure is stylish, it is also understated. People may notice it when they look at your feet, but your toenails won't stand out in the same way as if you were to get bright-colored nail polish on them. This means that this look is appropriate for all sorts of environments and situations. For example, if you get a French pedicure and decide to wear open-toed shoes to work or church, you don't have to feel as though the look of your feet might be inappropriate in these places.

Matches Fingernails

A lot of people enjoy getting a French manicure. If you like this look and occasionally visit a spa to treat yourself, you may also want to consider a French pedicure. Having the nails on your fingers and toes match each other can offer a stylish look that makes you feel confident and well put together. You may wish to book both of these spa procedures at the same time rather than visit on separate occasions. To learn more about the different types of pedicures, contact a pedicure spa in your area.