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Proactive Recovery Tips For Liposuction Fat Reduction Treatment

by Colleen Sanders

As with any other surgery, liposuction fat reduction treatment has a post-procedure recovery phase. How long your body will take to heal depends on many factors. The process is not the same for every patient. However, the recovery from liposuction treatment is reasonably fast as far as surgery goes and a lot less painful than most.

To have the best recovery phase after your liposuction fat reduction treatment, there are many things you can do.

Here are some tips:

Tip: Be Proactive About Making a Recovery Plan

One of the best things you can do to make your liposuction treatment recovery go smoothly is to be proactive about making a recovery plan. 

A good recovery plan includes all of the following:

  • Knowing who will stay with you and help you in the days immediately following surgery

  • Stocking up on easy-to-cook meals

  • Preparing everything you need to take sponge baths

Also, you must drink adequate amounts of water while recovering from liposuction fat reduction treatments. When stocking up on easy-to-cook meals, if you drink bottled water, stock up on plenty of that as well.

Tip: Be Proactive About Managing Post-Procedure Pain

Every surgical procedure, including liposuction, causes some trauma to your body. Your body's response to this trauma is to cause you to have pain. Since the pain post-procedure may be substantial, you must take steps to manage your post-procedure pain proactively.

Managing post-surgery pain means taking your pain medications as prescribed. There is no reason to tough out the pain until it hurts so bad you can't stand it. If you do, when you finally take the pain medication, it will take a long time to work, and you will suffer unnecessarily.

 Alternatively, if you take your pain medication as prescribed, you can control your pain to a level where you will be the most comfortable. You can wean yourself off the pain medication as your pain starts to go away.

Tip: Wear Your Compression Garments as Recommended by Your Doctor

When your liposuction treatment is completed, the doctor will place you in compression garments. You must wear compression garments 24 hours a day for as long as your surgeon has recommended.

Compression garments help reshape your body into a pleasing shape, prevent blood clots, and reduce swelling. Although you will need to remove the compression garments to shower, make sure to put them back on as soon as you get out and have dried off.  

For more information on liposuction treatment, contact a treatment center near you.