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Have Cellulite? 3 Tips To Reduce It

by Colleen Sanders

Cellulite is caused by fat cells increasing and then pushing against your skin. This results in a dimpling that is noticeable. Fortunately, it is not harmful to you. You will often see cellulite in the abdomen, buttocks, hips, and thighs. There are treatments available to reduce it, three of which are listed below.


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive option you have available. This uses cold therapy that freezes the fat cells. These fat cells then die, and your skin smooths out. Cryolipolysis is done in your doctor's office. The doctor first assesses you to see how much fat is in the area. They then use an applicator, which is a handheld device, to freeze the fat cells under your skin. Because the temperature is freezing the doctor applies a gel pad on your skin for protection. You will feel a cold sensation. You also may feel some cramping, burning, or aching but this will only last a few minutes. After the treatment, the doctor gradually brings your skin back to the right temperature. 

Once the treatment is finished the doctor massages the area that was treated to help break down fat cells. How long the treatment lasts will depend on how many fat cells you had removed but it generally takes about an hour. There is no downtime, and you can go directly back to daily living. 

Laser Treatment

Another invasive treatment available is using a laser. This is done in a doctor's office. The doctor inserts a tiny laser beneath the fatty area. They then turn the laser on, and it blasts laser energy to break up and kill the fat cells. You will notice your cellulite goes away over the next few hours as more and more fat cells break down.  

This is not a permanent solution, however, and may last a few months or a few years. You can then return to the doctor for another laser treatment if needed. You will have a little pain where the laser was inserted into your skin but will go away within a few hours. 

Use a Vacuum

A more invasive treatment is using a vacuum. Strong bands appear where there is cellulite, and these bands are what hold the fat cells together. With this treatment, the doctor uses a device that has small blades. They insert the device under your skin and the blades cut the bands to break up the fat cells. 

This treatment may last a few years and then you will have to return to keep the cellulite away. You will have soreness where the laser was inserted but this generally goes away within a few days. 

For more information on cellulite reduction, contact a professional near you.