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3 Benefits Of Couples Massage

by Colleen Sanders

Getting massages on a regular basis has many known benefits, including improved circulation, better sleep, and reduced stress. While getting individual massages is great, those in a romantic relationship should not overlook the benefits of getting a couples massage treatment. When you sign up for a couples massage, you and your partner will both receive a massage in the same relaxing spa room in massage beds that are next to each other. This is a unique way to bond with your romantic partner and offers these three important relationship benefits:

Improved Intimacy and Affection

Getting a couples massage can help you feel closer and more affectionate toward each other. The actual experience itself of getting a couples massage can feel very intimate and special, as you feel your stress soothed away and know that your partner is experiencing something similar.

At the same time, massage is known to stimulate the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin, leaving you feeling happier and more loving toward each other after the massage. Finally, the sensual nature of a couples massage can sometimes lead to improved or more passionate physical intimacy once you get home.

Trying Something New and Exciting Together

It's common in long-term relationships to begin to feel like you're in a bit of a monotonous rut. Maybe you always order take-out from the same restaurant and then settle in to watch TV together every night. By shaking up your routine with a regular couples massage, you can experience something new and exciting together.

In fact, research shows that couples who try new things together or add a bit of novelty to their schedules tend to have closer bonds and better overall relationship satisfaction. Consider adding couples massage to your monthly repertoire to avoid boredom and keep things exciting.

Prioritize Your Quality Time Together as a Couple

Finally, a major benefit of couples massage is that it signals to each other just what a priority it is to spend quality time together. When you're in a long-term relationship, it can sometimes feel like the only time you spend together is spent doing chores, running errands, or helping with the kids. Scheduling a couples massage indicates that romance and quality time are important to you both. Instead of just co-existing together, you are bonding and focusing on each other's relaxation.

As you can see, a couples massage offers great benefits. Contact a massage therapist to learn more about couples massages